Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Final exam

This far i am enjoying the final exam. May be it is because the topic is closely related to me. I was and may be still am addicted to video games. I have no problem losing sleep time and wake early just to play even 5 minutes of my favorite game. Thank to this exam i now know even more about my favorite hobby.I am more and more amaze by it.

Final exam


I actually enjoyed presenting in front of the all classroom. I was so not stress. No it's true. Okay i m lying. I was a bit stress. But because we knew each other it help me keep my composure and i have to admit that the stress made me forget some point. Nothing too important but it is okay. And i want to apologyse for some mistake i made while preparing for my presentation. First as Summer pointed out it is the magic lantern that is used for MOtion capture not green lantern. Green lantern is the name of an action hero. I deeply am sorry. Then in my presentation i called the phonograph a ponograph. Small mistake but still a mistake.
So i can say that as lilli pointed out you can not expect to do a research paper and a presentation at the last minute no matter how good you are or how well you know the subject. This was an excellent lesson for the future.
One thing i learn from the few presentation i have seen (i by the way would like to apologise for my absence but it was not deliberated trus me) is that i need to learn how to work with power point. A lot of thing you can do using this software.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


According to me the most optimistic point concerning population growing is the fact that with the development of technology more and more food will be available for people and therefore less people should be hungry.It is a fact that there is still a lot of land available for people to use for agriculture.It is possible to make lands more arable thanks to new chemicals and procedures.Those unfortunetly could also be a desadvantage because they could favorise deforestation and chemical polution.
The most pessimistic point concerning population is the fact that population growth is more important in poor countries and because of that their will be more poverty and hunger in those areas because those government can not handle all those people and provide them with the resources necessary to satify their natural needs.
I think that developped countries should try to improve their birth rate by may be giving allocation to support children like in france who has a improved its birth rate enormously in last couple years.Or they could adopt children or favorise immigration in order to balance people concentration around the world.
For emerging nation they should use family planning to reduce birth rate this way they can reduce their burden and this will help hem ameliorate the way their population live


Happiness is a state of well being or not.Lets say that it is how a person feel.We say that we are happy or angry according to the evenments in our life.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Favorite Movies

I love movies. I think that i could easily be a film productor i have seen so much of them. So this time i will tell what movies i think a worth lookin at

1. 300 lot of fighting lot of blood and action
2.Pirates of the carribeans:the trilogy all of them are great movies
3.Transformers Man this movie is something lot of special effects
4.Daddy little girls If you love sad stories u are going to love this movie
5.Hannibal rising do not worry it is not as scary as it seem
6.ocean's thirteen Great cast, great story, great movie
7.lord of the ring: the trilogy If u did not see it what are u waiting for
8.usual suspect Great movie a classic
9.american pie:all 5 of them will make u laugh
10 freedom writter im sure lilli will love this movie

This list is not in order just to tell u


Hi there im back after a long and unforseen absence i hope u missed my posts if not sorry to here it. Anyway today i m going to talk about a touristic site in my country called Timbuktu (Tombouctou in french). The reason why i want to talk abot this beautifull place is that it made the finals for the selection of the 7 WONDERs IN THE WORLD. Unfortunetely it did not make the final 7. So i wanted to talk a bit about this place. Tombouctou is located at the north of Mali right south of the Sahara desert. Actually it is in a part of the Sahara desert. This place is a king passed there on his way to mecca and built a lot of mosque with dry mud. That was a long time ago in the 14 th century and still those mosque are still up, this place was at a time also full of knowledge had an university and all. They though islam because in the time only religion matter. Still there was some philosophers and all. I have personally never been there but if you are interested we can arrage a visit what do you think?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Post -reading discussion

Alias Grace

1.I have mixed felling about the book ending as it finishes in a traditional good way which make me really happy as most of the book was talking about sadness, death etc........but i am not too satisfied because i was more complex end and i was a bit desappointed to see the lunatic turn the book take at the end.It could have been more real.But in the end i was really satisfied ith the book because it was a really good story and to be frank this was the first time i really finish a book so it is like an achievement for me.

2.This book is like a biography of Grace Marks as the book talk of her ups and downs.The majors theme are love,family,religious and normal faith,murder.The book does actually an excellent job of presenting those differents themes,this is due surely to the precise nature of the book.Everything is so described that you could fell as you were actually seeing it

3.Every caracter in the book as indeed very life like with different personality as enjoyable one from another.plus at the end of the book you fell like you are actually witsnessing a real scene and that all that have really arrived right in front of your eyes

4.The plot in this book really keep you motivated till the very end of the book because you do not exatly know what to expect.So you start making theories then you realise that all your theories are wrong and that relance the suspence, you want to know what happen after and after that and so on.I think that the author actually did an outstanding job to keep the drama flowing an the reader motivated

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Report on the book

The book i have been reading is called "Alias Grace".This book have been written by one of the most famous canadian writter Mrs Margaret Atwood.This book is a novel (having received the Giller prize in 1996 according to the reference at the end of the book) and is indeed a really nice peace of work.
The Story as the name indicate it turn around the main caracter Grace Marks who is a irish young girl who immigrated to canada with her family in order to begin a new and better life as they could not live decently in their country of origin irland.But eventhough she was in another country Grace life did not improve that much as she would endure a serie of unforseen and unfortunate events from the death of her mother to the murder of her employer (Thomas Kinnear) and his housekeeper (Nancy Montgomery) which she was accused of,passing by the death of her best and only true friend (Mary Whitney).Alias grace is really an excellent experience that will make you sad at time but also laugh,and the story is filled with suspence and keep you guessing till the end.According to maclean's ''Alias grace is brilliantly realized,intellectually provocative and maddeningly suspenful.''
Altough i really enjoyed reading this book as the story i felt was really an interresting one i could not help to noticed that the author gave a lot of precision may be even to much.Every single personage is generally profondly describe from head to toe,and i feel this was just adding some informaton that are useless because sometime they are hard to understand.I also remarked that at the beginning of every new chapter there is some kind of poem, sometime poem other time letter and so on and i did not really understand the purpose of those as they did not always treat with what was going to be talk about in the folloing chapter.The way the story is told can also bring to confusion as the author juggles between the past and the present in a alternative way.So it is sometime had to situate yourself.
Finally e can say that eventhough ''Alias Grace'' can be a really complex and hard to understand book it is extraordinary interesting, and I would recommade it to anyone even those who do not really enjoy reading as I.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have a joke one of my classmate told me this morning and i thought it was quite funny and so i decided to put my reading aside for now and tell you this joke. SO here it goes you have two team preparing for a big soccer game.On one team you have a lion, a elephant etc.....(sorry i kind of forgot), and finally a Thousand feet ant (an insect with a lot of feet) . OK.Then the team start training hard for the upcoming game.On gameday they trained so hard that they really believed that they would crush the other team.But finally at the end of the game they lost and that is when they realize that a member of the team was missing. Which one was it. It was the thousand feet ant. So they were mad at him and asked what were he doing , because of him they lost the game. And he said "I was putting on my shoes".(got it)

I really think it is quite funny. What do you think?

Favourite activity in the second language learning unit

As we all know this week our unit is based on second language learning. How researchers have try to find a relation between caracteristics of a person and the learning of a second language. What sruck me as most interesting in this unit was how age could affect the learning process. My listen and retell assingnment being based on this particular topic i was able to amass quite a deal on information on the subject. The reason why i found this part of the unit interesting is that i was able to verify it myself.Age does affect ones learning of a second language. But let me try to explain you why as most researchers i came to the same conclusion.
I actually have three younger brothers and all of them are attending to an american school in my country called "American International School of Bamako" or "A.I.S.B".The older one have been attending school there since the age of seven (he is now ten years old) and the too other (who are twins and are now eight years old) began school at the same age. I am kind of ashamed to say that eventhough i can used more complex vocabulary and have been studying english for twice more time than them their english is far better than mine. They even talk with an american accent now it is that scary. This due of course to the fact that their classes are done in english so they have the advantage of age and environment as they only speak english at school.
So having experimnt it myself i can say that age does matter when learning a language surely because it is easier to learn hen you are young and your brain is fresh .

Friday, June 22, 2007

What make a good language learner

personally i think that what make a good language learner is motivation.This does not only apply to language learning but to learning in general, because mens have prove lot of times that if you put your heart to it nothing is impossible (with skyscrapers for examples, you see i am learning my lessons). So if someone have the love of the language he is learning then this person should be just fine. I also think that perfectionism is important to be a good language learner. You need to have that drive to correct your mistake and improve on your strength.I also think that being open is crucial because it is hard to learn a language if you do not speak it.So being shy is really not an option.

Plans for the week end

This week i am planning on going to Quebec city with some of my friends just to visit the city and may be party a little.But before that i am going to the movie probably after the class because i want to see a movie called fantastic four. this movie just seem to be great and i really do not want to miss it.Then may be later i will be going to a chalet,eat a little,drink a little even swim it should be a very exiting day.


Professor lili